The rule book is published on this website and is free for you to download and use. The rule book of about 100 pages contains everything you need to know to play the game. It contains a definition of terms and concepts used in the game, a listing of the components needed, a general description of gameplay, the basic rules with descriptions of the different phases in a turn, advanced rules introducing special troop traits, weather, flying and magic. There is also a section on how an army is put together and some army lists for common fantasy factions. In addition it has an extensive index, a summery of all the rules and a list with game steps to help you learn the rules.

On this website you can find additional information on the rules, FAQ, tutorial (coming soon), etc., download everything you need and find out about the components you need through the menu and the links below

Rules primer

Short description of the game concepts and gameplay.


Download the rules and other components.


Information and tips on all components used in the rules, such as counters.