Privacy statement

If you have questions regarding this privacy statement you can contact the administrator. Contact information is available on the contact page.

Who am I?

  • I am the designer and writer of the wargame rules presented on this website and the administrator of the site ( and
  • This website and the game are run and published without commercial intent. The aim is to provide access to and information on the game and provide a community platform.
  • The associated Facebook page is used to provide information, send announcements regarding the game and function as a community platform.
  • This Privacy statement is published on the website and describes how information is handled.

User information and archiving term on website.

  • No cookies are used to collect personal information.
  • Only functional cookies are used for the proper functioning of the website and discarded afterwards.
  • No information on visitors of the website is collected.
  • For users signing in to the website to use the blog or forum, information is collected and stored for identification (user name), a submitted password, contact information (email) and an archive is kept of the submitted blog posts, forum posts and comments made, as required for the service.
  • When users use external account information for registration such as Facebook or Twitter, information is collected for identification related to the external account. No personal information is stored even if made available by the external account.
  • Emails sent to the website will be stored no longer than 6 months unless the email Is part of continuing correspondence, or relevant to the present functioning of the website, or if required by law.
  • Secure connections are available (SSL) to protect personal information while interacting with the website.
  • User information is kept as long as users remain registered with the website and for an additional two weeks after unregistering user information can be present in backups.
  • Users can ask to be removed with all personal information from the website. Public content submitted by the user through normal use of the service to blog or forum will remain available.
  • Personal information or photographs in public content as submitted, will be removed on request and after identifying the particular piece of information or photograph.

User information and archiving terms on social media.

  • A closed Facebook page is available to which Facebook users can request access. This is voluntary and there is no requirement for registration to use the game.
  • No information is collected by the owner on the users subscribing to the Facebook page,
  • The normal Facebook terms-of-use are relevant.
  • The Facebook page is moderated by the owner and moderators authorised by the owner. The moderators have no access to information other than that available on the Facebook page.

Access to information

  • The stored information is only accessible to the website owner and administrator.
  • No information is shared with any third party unless required to do so by law.
  • All information is stored in secure compartments with the provider.
  • In case of security issues the users will be informed.

Use of user information

  • User information is only used for the running of the website and related communication.
  • Users will be contacted only regarding issues concerning the running and proper functioning of the website or the terms of its use.

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