Order counters

As orders and the random draw is core to the game, you will need a set of order counters for your army. You can also use the charts on the tutorial game sheets to start with, but counters make things easier and faster, so do consider putting a little time into cutting your own order counters.

Different combinations of counters are used for different armies so select the appropriate set as indicated in your army list, and download and print the sheet. You can simply cut them out with scissors or you can glue the print to a sheet of sturdy cardboard and cut them out. This will make mixing and picking them up much easier and you only have to do it once. You can find some instructions and tips here.

The sheet contains enough counters for about thirty elements which is normally what one person can easily handle. Above that the chance of pulling out failed orders increases significantly, so if you have a larger army it is advisable to add a second set of counters (or even more for extremely large armies).

Order container

You also need containers to hold the counters and from which you can draw counters during the game. Small boxes with nine or more compartments are very useful for this. Some options include sorting or storage boxes, boxes for tea bags, etc. You can also make your own by gluing dividers in a tin or wooden box. You can use the same box to hold other components such as dice and stress markers.

Not all orders have the same number of counters, so you can use boxes with different size compartments, but make sure they are large enough to easily mix the counters and draw one out without other counters falling out at the same time.

Tip: Indicate the type of order that is in each compartment on the box, so you can quickly see which compartment you need, without peering in to look at the counters themselves.

Tip: If the counters slip into the wrong compartment when you hold the box sideways during transport or storage, put a thin sheet of soft (upholstery) foam in the lid. This will close off any openings and keep the counters in the right compartment.

Tip: If you find it hard to mix the counters and pull them out, consider gluing a rounded insert into the compartments as show in the picture. Cut a strip of plastic or smooth card the width of each compartment and about double the depth plus the span minus 1 or 2 cm. Slide this into the compartment and glue it to the sides. This will create a rounded bottom, making it easy to slide the counters around and take them out without them wedging in the corners. Orient it such that the rounding is in the direction you draw the counters.