The miniatures are an important part of the visual appeal of miniature wargames and collecting and painting the troops is an important part of the hobby for most players. To help you find the right miniatures for your army a listing of miniature companies that make 15 mm and other suitable small scale fantasy miniatures is given below. I do not claim this list is complete but these are the ones I know of.

Historical ranges can more easily be found and are a great source for human fantasy or mythological armies, animals and war machines. Some are listed below, but there are others. I have not listed 25-32 mm fantasy here, as these are less suited and also easy to find online. Discontinued ranges of 15 mm fantasy miniature are not listed but can sometimes be found at gaming conventions, in online shops or online auctions.

Miniature companies

Last updated: Oktober 2022.

15mm Fantasy Miniatures
3D printing service with very extensive range of 10 and 15 mm fantasy miniatures, including:
15 mm Reconquer Designs, Polish lightning Minis, , .
10 and 15 mm miniatures from , Admiralty Miniatures, .
10 mm Onmioji, MiniRat studio, Ankylo, Moonjammy ranges from , , , Warplock Miniatures, Forest Dragon range from /
Also historical minatures from , , and buildings and terrain for 10 and 15 mm from , .

Admiralty Miniatures
15 mm fantasy evil/chaos dwarfs and a few creatures.

Alternative Armies online
Wide range of 15 mm fantasy miniatures. HOTT, former 15mm UK miniature line, Sengoku japanese fantasy, buildings and accessories. Historical dark age and ancients.

Battle Valor Games (sold by Dragonfrog Games in the UK)
Wide range of 18 mm fantasy miniatures from their own background, but contains most classical races. Some buildings and accessories. Separate shields.

Battleline Miniatures website offline
15 mm dragon. Many ancient and medieval miniatures.

Baudea Wargames
Buildings and accessories including Elven tent and Orc hut. Many ancient and medieval miniatures.

Black Raven Foundry
15 mm fantasy miniature now carried by

Blue Moon Manufacturing HG (sold by Old Glory Miniatures in the UK)
Some useful figures in Horror and SF line, and many ancient miniatures.

Copplestone Castings (sold by Miniaturicum in Germany)
10 mm and 15 mm fantasy miniatures.

CP models
15 mm fantasy and some useful miniatures and creatures in pulp and sci-fi line.

Dancing Yak Miniatures
10 mm fantasy evil/chaos dwarfs and hobgoblins, STLs of printable terracotta army and other fantasy miniatures.

Donnington miniatures
No fantasy, but useful 15 mm accessories and ancient and medieval miniatures.

Dragonfrog Games
18 mm laser cut buildings and Battle Valor Games miniatures (UK)

East Front Miniatures (formerly East Riding Miniatures)
15 mm fantasy and historic figures and animals.

Elite Wargames and Models
15 mm fantasy, ancient and medieval miniatures. Former Jacobite Miniatures/Stronghold miniatures fantasy line.

Essex Miniatures
15mm fantasy, ancient and medieval miniatures.

Eureka Miniatures (Australia) / Eureka Miniatures UK (UK)
10 mm and 18 mm fantasy, and 15 mm medieval miniatures.

Fighting 15s Model Soldiers
15 mm historic miniatures, 40 mm skeletons. (former Eureka UK importer)

Highlander games (website unavailable)
Conquista 15mm fantasy, small range of conquistador dwarfs.

Irregular Miniatures
2 mm, 6 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm fantasy, ancient and medieval miniatures. animals and accessories.

10/12 mm fantasy and dark age and medieval miniatures.

Khadrins Miniatures (Sold by Splintered Light in the US)
15 mm fantasy minatures, characters, orc and elf villagers and dwarfs.

Khurasan Miniatures
15 mm fantasy, ancient and medieval miniatures. Also some useful 15 mm SF and horror creatures.

Lancashire Games
15 and 18 mm historical miniatures. Also sells Little Wars 10 mm and Vexia 15 mm historical miniatures.

Legio Heroica
15 mm historical miniatures with a small range of orcs.

Lone Gunman Games
15 mm fantasy miniatures, (Armies of arcana and Lords of Fantasy ranges).

Magister Militum
15 mm fantasy, ancient and medieval miniatures, buildings and accessories. Many unusual fantasy races and creatures. Former Chariot Miniatures range.

Matchlock Miniatures/Miniature Figurines
15 mm historical miniatures.

Mick Yarrow Miniatures
15 mm fantasy, ancient, medieval and stone age miniatures.

Microworld Games
15 mm fantasy dark alliance and extensive 3 mm and 6 mm fantasy lists.

Miniatures By Mann (sold by Dragonfrog Games in the UK)
15 mm (fantasy) Japanese; samurai, ronin, undead samurai, oni, dragon

Minibits (now part of the Pendraken line)
15 mm fantasy, small range of dwarfs, goblins and lizardmen. 10 and 15 mm animals.

Mirliton SG
15 mm fantasy, ancient and medieval miniatures. Former Granadier line.

Museum Miniatures
15 mm animals, accessories and historic miniatures.

Old Glory Miniatures (US) / Old Glory Miniatures UK (UK)
15 mm Blue Moon horror, ancient, medieval miniatures and buildings. Some difference in availability between US and UK.
15 mm fantasy from Black Raven Foundry miniatures, ancients and medieval miniatures by Battle Honors, Field of Glory and Old Glory.

10/12 mm fantasy, ancient and medieval miniatures, animals. Usefull SF creatures. Overlap with Kalistra. 15 mm dwarfs, goblins and lizardmen from former MiniBits line.

Peter Pig
15 mm fantasy and a wide range of historic miniatures, and some animals and accessories.

Ral Partha Europe
15/18 mm fantasy. Demonworld/Blighthaven range, 18 mm undead (1879 18mm VSF-Samsut) many suitable creatures in 25/28 mm ranges.

Rebel Minis
15 mm fantasy. Mighty Armies range.

Scibor Miniatures
15 mm dwarfs and some humans and ogres. Mostly 28 mm fantasy.

15 mm Grim Fantasy range, 18 mm undead and demons in Hell spawn range. Kobolds (~12 mm) and goblins (~15 mm) in 28 mm Goblin Factory range.

Splintered Light Miniatures (Sold by Khadrins Miniatures in France)
15 mm fantasy miniature, animals and creatures. 15 mm dark age miniatures.

Tin Soldier
15 mm fantasy and historical miniatures and accessories.

Warrior Miniatures
10 mm and 15 mm fantasy, ancient and medieval miniatures.

Disclaimer: I have no connection to these companies and cannot vouch for quality. The list is only provided as a service to visitors.