Last Sunday, the second of February I presented a small FRoR introduction game at PolderCon 2020, This wargame convention  is held in Utrecht, the Netherlands and aims to provide participants with the opportunity to try out new games, as described in a previous post. In two sessions I introduced eight players to FRoR. One was Elves against Ratmen, and as I managed to finish the armies, the other was a Witcher based game with Redania against Nilfgaard.  Although the time of 90 minutes per session was not enough to finish the games, the participants got to play several rounds which was enough to give an impression of the rules.

As this was my first time to run a FRoR game in such a manner, it was a bit of an experiment and certainly a learning experience. Although things generally went fine, some things can be improved next time. Some rules could have used more explanation, and the armies were a little too large for the available area and the time. You live and learn. As the participants seemed to enjoy themselves, I call it a success.

On to the next!