Game components


To play the game you will need several things. Naturally you need the rules, an army and like most wargames an army list and a tape measure or ruler. For this game you also need ten sided dice, some action point markers (e.g. d6), order counters, a container to hold them, stress markers and maybe the quick reference sheet. All these are described in the rules, but you can find some suggestions and tips here. Rules, army lists, etc can be found on the download page.

Miniature army

The army troops are represented by bases with miniatures on them. Click for more on setting up an army, basing and other aspects of your miniature army.

Order counters

You will need a set of order counters specific for your army. Click for more on how to choose the appropriate set and tips on making one yourself.

Stress markers

You will need 100 to 200 stress markers for an average army. Stress markers can be any small beads, miniature dice or even small stones.

Action markers

A number of markers is required to keep track of commander and hero Actions and Mana for magic users. You can use some six-sided dice or small beads.


The game uses ten-sided dice for combat, morale and any other mechanism. You need about a dozen for quick resolution of rolls.


This system uses the metric system, so you will need a metric tape measure or ruler to measure movement distances, shooting ranges, etc. (Printable ruler)